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Summary of art - 2014 by Dark3li
Summary of art - 2014
Today I reached 34k views, thank you guys!! :la:

I've been really inactive since last year, so many things have happened: I finished school and now I'm in the university so I haven't had enough time to draw, also, my computer died a month ago (what a great way to start the year xD) and I got a new one yesterday.

Like I said above, I didn't draw much last year but I feel like I finally improved and I feel more confident with my art now 8) from 2012 to 2013 my drawings looked all the same to me

January - It was a cover art for lou's utau's (Chizu) birthday, I really like how it came out!
February - It was a kiriban prize, and (once again) I like it, my style was nearly the same but I already saw some changes
March - It was a rushed cover art, I don't really like it, BUT I started to color the lines instead of making them all black and I liked how I colored Eli's hair 
April - This is when my style started to change C: I love how miku came out, I also did a drawing of Teto for my "Luna light" cover with this style, I couldn't decide which drawing I wanted to put on this meme x,D 
May - It was a rushed sketch, at the time I had HaruTaka fever so I had to draw them somehow (the drawing was cut to fit the meme, Takane's drawing Haruka in the sand <3)
June - It's my UTAU's Eli updated concept art C: I kinda used my old style but my coloring improved (and I have nothing to say if I look back in time at this UTAU Anami 3li Official design)
July - I love this drawing, I finally stopped being "afraid" of drawing backgrounds xD this one doesn't make any sense but at least is something haha 
August - At the time I was obsessed with the song "Campanella" by Gumi, I was bored when I drew this, I tried to use yet another coloring style
September - Nothing :C
October - On this month I moved to another city and started university, I drew this landscape during classes lol I usually don't like drawing landscapes but I was bored so...
November - This drawing isn't actually from november... Actually, it isn't from a month in particular (?), I started it on October, continued it during November and finished it on December lol
December - An unfinished drawing of an OC

yep, last year was a great year C: It conferms my theory that If you stop doing something for a while when you do it again you feel "refreshed" and improve xDD (I'm kidding, practice is our best friend to improve, but I feel that I improve more when I take a pause)

I won't have much time to draw this year, but I hope to keep improving!

Love you guys! C:

Old summaries:

 Dark3lis 2011 ArtDark3li's 2012 summary of artAdry's 2013 summary of art

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Liet by Dark3li
Hi guys! 
I'm not dead, just busy with university lol but now I'm on christmas holidays yay!
I started this drawing right after I saw nyo!liet's design, Lithuania is one of my fav characters, I't been a long time since I drew something hetalia related C:

//ignore the random bg lol

I hope you like it!!

Campanella by Dark3li
I'm just leaving this drawing here, based on the song "Campanella" sung by Gumi
I tried to use a different coloring style 8D

I hope you like it!



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1,285 / 3,000
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I'd like to buy a premium membership <3
Fell free to donate even if is 1 point ^^

Hi guys! I decided to open PC again! c:
I do chibis, half-bodies and full bodies

- Chibi: 30 :points: // sample…

-Half body: 40 :points: // sample…

- Full body: 50 :points: // sample

for now I'll draw max 2 char by person

To check the free slots go here ouo…

if you are interested send me a note or comment on the journal entry from the link above ^^

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Journal History

Hi guys!!! yeees I'm freee!! two days ago I finally took my last final exam (there were 4) and I got the max score! 30/30
yesterday at school they published the total score from all exams and... I graduated with a 89/100 8D

so I finally finished school for good!!! I thought this moment would never arrive lol in Italy students usually end school at 18/19 years old while in Venezuela we finish at 16/17 years old, so I had to do 2 years more than I expected when I moved here

I feel very happy! but at the same time a bit nostalgic.. I don't know how to explain it, it's a weird feeling haha! Lately everything seems nostalgic to me

Now I can start drawing again and doing UTAU covers until holidays end, I'd like to study linguistic mediation at university C:

that's all!! I just wanted to share this moment with you! 8D


Adriana Elena/ Adry Eli
Artist | Hobbyist
Favourite languages: Spanish, English and Italian

Hiiiiii!!! welcome to my deviant page (?) xDDDD you can call me either Eli or Adry
I'm from Venezuela <3 but I live in Italy
My hobbies are drawing, listening to music and watch/read anime/manga

I'm an UTAU user, if you want some help with UTAU don't dude to ask :la:

please enjoy my drawings!!! I hope you like them! I accept constructive critics~
sorry for my fail english ><

Venezuelan UTAU duo~ owo
:iconblackkissu: :icondark3li:

Le Venezuelan Trio~ (?)
:iconblackkissu: :iconlescottei: :icondark3li:

Le one-san/ Senpai~

Le cousin~

Le bad Friends Trio~
:iconblackkissu: :iconnana-san955: :icondark3li:

This stamp made my day <3

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